What is best platform to create your online store? ecommerce

What is the best platform to create your online store?. Online stores today are in constant prosperity and you know it.

What is an ecommerce platform or CMS?

In order to create your online store you do not need to design your website from scratch: you can use what is known as a CMS, which is an online system that will allow you to launch a website quickly and easily.

CMS comes from Content Management System and is nothing more than software that serves to deal with digital content.

A CMS is not only used to generate an online store but also for other types of websites and even landing pages. Its use is widespread because it saves time and money when creating a website. And in the specific case of an online store, a CMS can be adjusted to all customer needs.

What is the best platform to create your online store?

Online commerce sales are increasing to a high degree, attracting the attention of many aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a successful online business for them.

This is not to say that creating an online store is a simple business, as there is a lot of effort behind this kind of good online business venture.

You want to succeed in the e-commerce business. I want to tell you that you have at your disposal endless tools designed to help you create your online store successfully. Come on, they make everything much easier for you.

If your dream is to start an online business and have your own digital store spread all over the world, stay with us and read on.

We've prepared a simple analysis of the most used platforms so far to create your store:

Best Platforms to Create Your Online Store

Due to the boom in the industry, many companies have developed their platforms to help entrepreneurs get their business online. Let's see below what are the best today:


Shopify, It is the leading platform for creating digital stores worldwide. It is the most used because of all the features it offers you to customize your business.

Thanks to this it has a worldwide community where they offer free and paid assistance. Plus, it's compatible with many applications, has excellent customer support and is scalable, so you can grow.

Pros: Shopify

  1. You have a 14-day trial with no obligation to test the app.
  2. Anyone can create their online store in less than an hour.
  3. The cost of Shopify's subscription includes everything, even storage.
  4. They can be easily synced with Instagram and Facebook stores.
  5. Intuitive to use as a store administrator.
  6. Great power for sales analytics, traffic acquisition channels, and more.
  7. Contains a wide catalog of apps or plugins to optimize your online store

Discover the Best Shopify Apps in 2023.

Woo Commerce

Woo Commerce is another platform that is not far behind. Its main feature is that it works perfectly with WordPress, so you can use it to add products for sale on your website.

Woo commerce is an open source plugin that integrates into WordPress completely free of charge.

If you are used to working with this CMS, then it is the perfect solution for you. They have many free or paid templates to install in your ecommerce but you can even customize your own.

In addition, Woocommerce is a SEO-friendly platform, one of the most prominent in fact, so it will help you make your store much better positioned.

It is highly recommended for SEO, so you can apply different techniques and strategies to improve search engine rankings.

Pros: Woo Commerce

  1. You do not have to pay a subscription to have their services. You only have to pay for the hosting and the domain!
  2. Very easy to use if you have already worked with WordPress, which is a CMS on the other hand that anyone can quickly learn to use.
  3. Much more customizable than the main competitors. In fact, it is scalable so you can modify it once your sales grow.
  4. You can add bank card charging for your products with Stripe completely free of charge.

In conclusion: Woocommerce is indicated for companies that need a very flexible platform and do not need customer support; that is, they can use WordPress's large online tutorials and community to solve problems. Also, if you're familiar with WordPress, it won't take long to get used to using it.


Meanwhile, in this search to find the best platform to create your online store we find Magento.

This is a company that specializes in large-scale store projects, so if you want to build an empire, this is your ideal tool.

This type of store requires hosting with a larger capacity, since the information to be handled is much greater, both in data and products. This is not a problem for Magento, so you can customize your project to your liking to show it to the world.

Magento requires the help of a programmer to install it and offers great possibilities in terms of configuration.

Pros: Magento

  1. You have a large catalog of templates at 0 cost.
  2. The Magento community will help you with any questions you have.


Wix is a site that manages to earn a place among the best platforms for creating a digital store. It is a very simple and economical option so you can run your business without too many requirements.

It is very interesting the fact that it does not charge any commission per sale, so you can focus on distributing your merchandise without paying extra fees. In addition, it has very attractive templates that will catch the attention of your visitors.

Wix es una plataforma de e-commerce con la que puedes crear tu tienda online sin coste alguno en su versión básica y ya si necesitas prestaciones adicionales puedes optar por la versión premium.

Pros: Wix

  • The basic version allows you to create a website with good appearance and responsive.
  • You don't need to know programming to create your online store.


BigCommerce is an online sales platform where through a subscription you can have your own online store and also you will not pay for each transaction. You have many templates to choose from, and a large number of them are free. Its versatility and power have made companies like Skullcandy and Camelbak trust this ecommerce platform.

Pros: BigCommerce

  • It is considered one of the best platforms in e-commerce with more features included.
  • It integrates easily with other online sales channels like Ebay or Amazon.

Why use an ecommerce platform?

Ecommerce platforms are the most intuitive and effective solution to set up your online store quickly. And you don't need to be a big programming expert to set up your store through this method.

But also that an online window can be a quantum leap in your business because it will allow you to sell more and find you many more customers than a local presence. On all these advantages we will indicate below.

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You can sell your products or services worldwide online.


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