Best Small Business Ideas to Start in the UK

Top 10 Small Business Ideas in the UK. Easy business ideas to start with a little investment through which you can make a good extra income in United kingdom.

Small business ideas with low startup costs in the UK

Look no further as this article will provide you with some profitable business ideas that you can launch. It's not new to us on our site. What we want is good for all.

This article discusses with you some of the best popular and profitable small business ideas in the UK.

These small business ideas involve either a very low cost or they are no-cost businesses. Some of these small projects are traditional, while others are new business ideas.

Small business ideas in the UK 2023

Now, let's take a look at a variety of profitable business ideas you can start doing in the UK:

Providing residential and commercial cleaning services

It is an excellent business idea that does not need money in a startup that can turn a person into a millionaire within a few years of starting.

The UK is a great place to do business like this.

Cleaning services are always in demand, whether they provide cleaning services for homes or commercial establishments. The best part is that you can start this business with very little investment and do most of the work yourself!

You can develop your business into an office or a physical organization to manage cleaning work for homes, offices, or factories. You can start this business without training or skill.

All you have to do is find good and reliable workers who will do the work for you. And purchase appropriate cleaning equipment and supplies.

Open mobile restaurant / food truck.

There are a lot of cheap restaurants in the UK. However, people are passionate about creativity. Create a creative mobile restaurant that will amaze people if you have the skill of preparing fast food.

Aside from what they should eat, they will also enjoy startup business ideas in the UK. With your interests to provide good and appropriate service to your customers.

Profitable Business Idea to Start in the UK

Real Estate Maintenance

Real estate maintenance work It is a company that cares about people's property, i.e. houses, the environment, etc. One can take care of a person's property by guarding it (especially when the property owner is not available), gardening, mowing the lawn, etc.

You can even hire staff to help you work, and this is a business you can start with a small amount of money.

Photographic business

If you have photography skills and can afford to buy a camera, then you have a business. You can take pictures of tourists and locals who have important events.

To start a photography business, you must choose a specialty. This will help you differentiate yourself from the crowd and build a relevant portfolio.

You should also invest in your equipment, because it is very important to have the right tools for the job.

So you should stay in tune with trending trends in photos, style and lenses. Photography is a very competitive business, so be prepared to look for commissions. Hone your photo editing and editing skills.

You can become a wedding photographer, corporate product photographer, or social photographer. Everyone wants a beautiful picture of them, and only you can provide them!.

Babysitting / Opening a Day Care Center

Starting daycare can be a bit challenging, as permits and appropriate facilities that meet state requirements are required.

However, a good idea to do at home is to take care of the children of your neighbors or relatives, telling them that you can provide babysitting service from your home, just you should be responsible and not take care of children more than you can control.

If childcare is very good for you and you have someone else to support you, you can start thinking about starting a nursery, just remember that you will need to invest in adapting your home and get the necessary permits. The advantage of this is that in the future you will be able to take care of more children and at the same time earn more money from home.

Makeup artist at home

Knowing how to use make-up and combine lipstick, foundation and other beauty products can become a great business idea, because many women have little time to take care of themselves or simply do not know how to apply makeup to always look perfect.

This service can be highly demanded by all types of women, especially when they have to attend an important event. Be sure to invest in high-quality cosmetics and take all necessary biosecurity precautions for this business.

Publishing your business online and providing your services to the community, is the basis of your business success.

Ideas for the UK's most profitable small business

Online or home classes

A good way to do it at home is to use the skills you have memorized, that is, if you are good at music, art, mathematics, spelling, English or any other discipline, giving regular online lessons is good work.

Since you can do small groups of children or young people and charge them for classes that interest them in your home.

You don't need much to get started, more than basic furniture like chairs, tables, blackboard, educational materials, and a good guide to organizing your classes.

In the same way if you don't want to teach from home, you can do it online, you just need good equipment, good communication, and learning materials to teach your classes.

Property Management.

If you already have some experience in the real estate sector (although it is not necessary) or you are good at managing in general, you may have a good profitable business opportunity as a property manager.

There are many owners who have different rented properties scattered around the city, and they need someone they trust to take care of collecting rents, as well as solving certain problems that tenants may have.

Other services such as renovation and cleaning services can be attached to this business idea. Again, the possibilities are endless.

These are the most profitable, simple and easy to implement business ideas in the UK and do not require so much investment that you can start in 2023, as they are ideas for projects that continue to grow.

The best profitable business idea you can implement in the UK

Vending machine business.

The vending business has evolved. Gone are the simple machines selling bags of potatoes, sweets and soft drinks. When we talk about the most original vending machines, we saw that today, they exist of all kinds. From those that sell used panties, through adult products, to those that already sell you pizza or hamburgers.

In fact, franchises have even appeared that install an entire supermarket with products without the need for labor.

Having a place to place vending machines open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and doing so in a prime area, can make this business idea profitable from the first months.

Strategic focus is essential, so doing good market research to make this investment crucial. We must also be clear about the type of machines that we are going to include depending on the types of stores that exist around this area.

Best Small Business Ideas in the UK

Bike rides and rentals

Cycling is becoming very popular among people who abandon cars and choose to ride a bike and avoid traffic. However, good bikes are often expensive to buy or cyclists have no one to ride with. You can start a business that offers bike rides and rentals to clients as groups.

Sell homemade products online

If you can create anything, anything, have any kind of design or experience, or just some creativity and a set of arms and legs that work, you can create things and sell them. There are so many online marketplaces where you can sell, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, to name a few. So many products to create, from wearable art (a nicer term for clothing), to crafting things like pots and jars, through genuine art – painting, sculpture, etc.

To help you start this adventure we bring you 10 steps to start a business and obtain the maximum profitability of the project.

Steps to Start a Profitable Business

  1. Brainstorm and choose what suits your interests from small businesses
  2. Do market research on your new business idea
  3. Choose a unique location to serve your business idea
  4. Find the right suppliers for you
  5. Valuation of your finances
  6. Create a business plan
  7. Define the structure of your legal business
  8. Register your work and secure it with social security
  9. Put your business fingerprint talking about you and advertise

Launch and grow your company with good marketing.


We have explained to you some of the best small business ideas in the UK, you can implement these business ideas easily, reaching the success of your business needs patience and continue to work well.

You can get help setting up your businessSet up a business - GOV.UK

Small business ideas in the UK 2023.


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