How to open and verify a Skrill account

What is Skrill? How to create and activate a Skrill account

If you have heard of Skrill, you should know that it is an international money transfer application. Which means that with a Skrill account, you can send and receive money online from all over the world.

Open an account in Skrill send and receive money online

What is Skrill Bank? And how to activate it and the method of withdrawal and deposit

Skrill Bank is one of the largest and most popular financial services used online, Skrill service allows you to send and receive money with ease, all you need is the email address of the recipient, and it also allows you to send bank transfers to individuals by credit card.

What is Skrill Bank?

Skrill Bank, one of the best electronic banks in the world, is a consumer brand that stands for "Easy and Fast Online Payments". It was developed by Skrill LLC, an international company created by Scottish businessman Brian Skrill. Skrill LLC was founded in 2001 and has grown rapidly.

How to open and verify a Skrill account
Steps to create a Skrill account

  • How to open a Skrill account
  • How to open or create an account on Skrill and verify it easily - Step by step

Steps to open or create a Skrill account

Search your favorite browser for the official Skrill website; to do this, type the following URL

On that same main page click on the purple "Register" button that is in the upper right corner, it will immediately redirect you to another page.

On the new page you must scroll down to the "Register" box to start creating the account.

In this box you must fill out a form with basic information such as name, surname, country and currency (choose the currency you will use to make your transactions).

You must also enter an email and password. Remember that you must create an 8-character password consisting of numbers, symbols, uppercase and lowercase letters; If you don't have an email, you can easily create an email from Gmail

After filling out the form with all your data, click on "Register"; when you press this button you indicate to the system that you agree to Skrill's terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Now you will see on screen a floating window with a new form where you must write your address, date of birth, zip code, city and phone number. After filling out the form click "Next".

In the new window you must enter the code that was sent to your cell phone to verify the phone number.

After verifying your number, you must create a 6-digit pin that will be requested each time you make deposits and shipments. Ready! You've already created your account.

Logging into your account is very simple just enter the email you registered at the time of opening your account and write the password, press the "Login" button and you will immediately open your Skrill portfolio.

Sign up for a free Skrill account in minutes by following the simple steps in this video.(at the bottom of the article)

How to verify an account on Skrill?

Account verification allows you to increase monthly send limits and protect your account from fraud. To verify your account you need to have a positive balance, an ID card and proof of address.

Once inside your Skrill account you must go to the side menu on the left side of the screen.

Find the "Settings" option and click on it.

n the "Settings" section you must look for the "Verification" option, remember that you must have previously made a deposit to your Skrill account to activate all options. You have several options to deposit among them are bank account transfer, debit card or credit.

Then you need to tap on "Verify Now".

You must carry the identification card you use in your country (DNI, identity card, driver's license or passport); The ID photo should be sharp, legible and on both sides. You should also upload a selfie with a written note that Skrill generates. Then click "Continue".

Now you need to verify the address by uploading proof of address; This document can be a utility bill, reference or bank certificate issued in the last three months (90 days). The address on the document must match the address you entered when opening the account.

Finally click "Continue".

Now you should wait for the Skrill system to send you an email indicating that your account has been verified.

The Skrill virtual wallet is a great competitor of PayPal and Payeer, so more and more users are interested in opening a Skrill account and start enjoying the advantages it gives when sending and receiving money from different countries without having to pay high commissions.

Many companies currently use Skrill as a payment method, as it is an excellent alternative to conducting online financial transactions.

The reason why more and more users are joining this digital wallet to make online payments safely and easily.

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