Benefits of a Google Business Profile

Explanation of Business Profiles in Google

Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is an essential tool for businesses trying to increase their local online visibility and prominence.

Google has placed extra emphasis on this tool. Which makes it fairly easy for businesses to set up listings for themselves and provide potential customers with the information they are looking for about local services. 

What is Google Business Profile?

The Google Business Profile, previously known as Google MyBusiness, is a free tool created by Google, which allows businesses to manage their online presence.

Its main objective is to offer greater visibility to businesses so that potential customers can find you more easily, collecting in a single management interface, different tools such as Google Maps.

In addition, it allows companies to be in synergy with their environment, through a panel where data and information related to the business are collected, such as a brief description of this, data on opening hours and location and even a section where customers can write reviews.

Google Business Profile

In this sense, it is important to note that having reviews in our Google company profile section can be a competitive advantage, since generally almost 85% of internet users have recognized that before consuming a product or visiting an establishment they have read the reviews of the website.

Google Business Profile features

The Google business profile is a way to help companies be in the top positions of the search engine, taking into account the location of the user and the nearby establishments related to the search he does.

Among the most important utilities of the Google company profile, the following stand out:

  • Show customer reviews and ratings about your business that you can respond to.
  • It facilitates contact between customer and business, since it offers information about all the content of your establishment.
  • Add visual elements such as quality photos or videos so that users can get to know your business virtually.
  • Get personalized statistics about the interaction with your business (clicks, visits to your website, search locations, etc.)
  • The applications offered by the tool will help you to direct your marketing strategies based on the needs of your potential customers.

It is clear that the main objective of the Google business profile is to give visibility and notoriety to your business so that users find you easily.

Also, we have to highlight a series of very interesting advantages offered by this tool:

  • Allows interaction and facilitates contact with your customers
  • Improves organic positioning through the information provided by the tool
  • Improve your digital presence, include information and any data you want about your business, and images and videos that will make your website more attractive.

Tips for getting the most out of your company's Google profile

(1) Complete all of the information of your business

It may seem obvious, but the first step to optimizing Google My Business is to make sure that all potential customers are able to find everything they need. So you need to pay special attention to these sections of your profile:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Working hours
  • Business phone number
  • Website
  • Services and products offered
  • Business category
  • Accessibility or additional attributes of your business (i.e., “home delivery”, “free Wi-Fi”, etc…)
  • FAQ

(2) Upload your best photos and videos

“One image is worth a thousand words”. You all know that. With Google My Business; it is not just completely true. Businesses that include photos in their listings receive 42% more driving directions’ requests and 35% more clicks to their websites. So it’s not just a thousand words….

To get started, you need a thumbnail (usually your company logo) and a large cover photo to display at the top of your profile. You also need to include quality photos of the interior of your enterprise and the products you offer. If you can also include videos, it will make your profile stand out even more.

(3) Optimize descriptions

The phrase that appears immediately below your business name is chosen by Google, but you can customize the information that appears in the section “From the owner”. Here are some recommendations:

Make full use of the 750 characters allowed, but concentrate the keywords in the first 250.

Rephrase your website texts to offer a consistent brand image.

Do not repeat information that already appears in your company profile.

Highlight the unique aspects of your business.

(4) Focus on your products and services

Including your products and services in your company profile improves your positioning in Google and provides quality information for your potential customers. When a user clicks on a product, a full description of the product appears. When adding products and services, you must include names, models, full and accurate descriptions, and, of course, the price. Make sure they are always up to date.

(5) Get quality reviews

Star ratings are one of the most important aspects of attracting customers, so it pays to focus on getting excellent reviews. To do this, encourage your regular customers to leave feedback and make it as easy as possible, through a shortened link and a call to action on your website.

Also, it’s always a good idea to respond to reviews quickly. Remember that you cannot offer discounts or gifts for reviews.

(6) Review your questions and answers

The FAQ section is a super useful resource for connecting with current and potential customers. Responding to questions quickly and efficiently will help you get new customers.

Moderating this section frequently is critical, as any user can ask or answer. Activate alerts to keep up to date with news and try to respond yourself. Remember that you can also vote on your own questions and answers.

Besides resolving the issues of your clients, this section can also help you improve the positioning of your company, so do not forget to include keywords whenever relevant.

(7) Post new content regularly

Publishing content regularly on your Google My Business increases conversions, improves positioning, increases the level of interaction and generates new leads. Therefore, do not stop updating your profile with new products, services, events, offers, etc…

(8) Activate the messaging service

If you activate the messaging option in Google My Business, users will contact you directly. This will let them know you are available to them and consequently help you get more conversions.

(9) Check your stats frequently

The statistics section of the tool provides a lot of information about user interactions with your company profile:

How users search for your business (i.e., directly searching for your business by name or address, discover your listing while searching for your product/service or search for brands related to your services).

(10) Optimize and update your profile

Optimization is a constant process for all online presence since the information must always be up-to-date. These are the fundamental aspects that you will have to review periodically:

Update all company information. Pay special attention to working days, especially on holidays.

Post new content and photos periodically. It is recommended that you do it at least once a week.

Keep encouraging users to leave reviews and follow up on them.

Respond to all new reviews and questions.

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Always remember that like any other Google product, Google My Business is updated periodically with additional features, so stay up to date to keep improving your business' online presence.

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