Top 10 Website Checking Tools for SEO Optimization

 The best SEO tools to help you improve your site's ranking in search engines

10 Best Tools for SEO in 2022

The following tools help you check your website for search engine optimization metrics so that you can take action to improve your ranking and get your site to the top of the search engine rankings.

Most of the following are free, so what are you waiting for. Try them all and see what works best for you.

Top 10 Website Checking Tools for SEO Optimization

Whether you are a small business owner or just starting out, the goal is to make big profits. One surefire way to do this is to grab the attention of potential customers, and this can be achieved by increasing your business' visibility and online presence through the use of SEO tools.

SEO tools play an important role in increasing your online presence, especially when you have a website. They help you get new customers and traffic to your site.

No wonder that in 2022, many companies started using SEO tools to improve the ranking of their websites.

We are sure that you would also like to know your performance compared to your competitors. Next, you have to choose the best SEO tools.

Having so many options to choose from can be very annoying, especially if you are just starting out. You may find yourself asking questions like “What is the best SEO tool for me?”. Don't worry, I've narrowed down your search for you.

In this article, you will find more about the best no-ranking SEO tools, and which one is right for you. Let's do it. To learn more about SEO, check out this site.

What is an SEO tool?

SEO tools are instruments that assess the potential of a website to rank high in search engines. They offer insights on analytics, keyword research, link building, ranking check, content optimization, and much more to improve the success rate of your website.

These SEO tools come in different types and prices, which will be explained later in the article. First, let's look at the reasons why you need an SEO tool in 2022.

Why do you need an SEO tool?

Just as you would need a gardening tool to prune your flowers, you would need an SEO tool for your SEO processes. You need an SEO tool;

1. To get an idea of what strategy your competitors are employing. Without crossing the line, you can easily see how they are performing and what they are putting into play. This would help you make informed opinions.

2. to keep abreast of new trends in the keyword game. When you hit a block and keywords are no longer easy to generate, SEO tools can help you learn the exact keywords your competitors are prioritizing right now. Also, you can find similar ones for yourself.

3. To help you generate new keywords related to your content, find out those words your site is currently ranking for, and then optimize for them when needed.

What are the benefits of SEO tools?

When you understand how SEO tools work, it becomes very useful. No matter which SEO tool you choose to use, there is no doubt that you will reap a lot of benefits. Here are some of the top benefits of using an SEO tool:

1. You will save time. Needless to say, searching for keywords manually takes a lot of time and energy. With SEO tools, you can generate your keywords in a matter of minutes and use your spare time to do other productive things.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools will allow you to discover keywords that are not popular in your niche but will be of great value to your business.

3. Some SEO tools will provide you with hot topics that will give you content ideas. You would have the advantage of always having the content of your website applicable to the demand and interest of the public.

4. Using SEO tools will help you generate detailed reports automatically. This is especially useful when you have multiple websites and need a progress report. Some SEO tools save you time to publish reports for your client. The reports are generated and sent directly to your client's email by the SEO tool.

5. Your overall effectiveness will improve.

What to consider when choosing the best SEO tool to use?

With many options at your disposal, and many more to come, there are certain factors to consider when choosing the best SEO tool to use.

Some things to consider include:

  • keyword research and SEO tool tracking ability
  • Ability to evaluate the performance of a website's traffic and content.
  • Ability to generate reports to track your SEO progress.
  • Presence of the company list update function.
  • Ability to discover the content and strategy of competitors.
  • The SEO tool that fits your budget.

Are there free SEO tools?

Yes, there are free SEO tools. Search engine optimization can be quite laborious and expensive. Not everyone can afford them.

Fortunately, there are some free SEO tools. Although they may not be as powerful as the paid ones, they still get the job done.

Overview of the best SEO tools in 2022

As a manager, you want tools that run your SEO processes at peak performance, right? You will appreciate it more if they also fit your budget.

There are many options to choose from. SEO tools differ in types, prices, and features, but they all have the same goal: to give you the best search engine rankings. Listed below are some of the best SEO tools in use in 2022.

Best Free SEO Tools for Small Businesses in 2022

There are a variety of paid and free SEO tools available, and I'll share some with you here.

Free SEO tools are often simpler in functionality compared to paid ones, which tend to provide multiple features, such as ranking tracking or the ability to dig into data and save reports.

With one of the most useful keyword research tools on the market. The difference is that with this tool you can enter the domain of your competition and it shows you the keywords in which the site is positioned.

It now has a suite of tools for SEO audits, backlink campaigns, social media management, and a limited free version that lets you experience the power of its platform.


Another of the tools that offer a complete suite of solutions for every aspect related to the SEO of internet sites.

Its best and most famous tool is the "Link Explorer" which replaced the OSE "Open site explorer".

It's actually the same tool but now it's backed by a much larger index from which to get your data.

It is worth mentioning that Moz offers a limited version of this and other free or “freemium” tools.


A web traffic analysis tool, competition analysis that works for web pages, web apps and apps alike.

This tool is perfect for spying and comparing your properties with your competition. In fact, you don't have to configure who your competition is, it automatically identifies who your competition is in search engines like Google.

Similarweb has a free version with limited functionality to test the great value it can add to your SEO arsenal.

Google Search Console:

Google's free tool that offers data on the information that Google has about your website.

In this tool we find data on what keywords or phrases we have positioned with Google. The indexing status and crawl errors of the website.

It also serves as an interface to have some interaction with the search engine with the possibility of requesting indexing by URL or requesting clarifications or revisions of penalties from Google.

Google Keyword Planner:

Another great tool from Google and the first tool I started using when starting my SEO career.

Newly updated, this tool offers valuable information on the volume of queries linked to their corresponding keywords, as well as presenting suggestions for phrases and keywords used in related queries.

This tool is part of the system for creating paid ads on Google, so in order to use it you have to first open your Google Ads account, but you don't actually have to pay or buy ads to use this tool.


Get a deep analysis of the website.

SEObility crawls your entire website and lets you identify search engine optimization issues such as:
  • slow loading pages
  • blocked pages
  • Sitemap problems
  • Technical issues for SEO
  • Much more

You usually only get this kind of thing from paid SEO tools. Therefore, it is really good that Seobility gives you this data for free.

Best Feature: Content Report

This report gives you a list of pages with content issues.

(Things like: low value content, missing meta titles, keyword stuffing, duplicate content)

Google Analytics:

Discover how people find and interact with your website.

WELL, WELL… Google Analytics is not really an SEO tool.

But it is almost impossible to run an SEO campaign without it.


The data in Google Analytics tells you if your efforts are working or not to improve the positioning of your website.

For example I'm talking about data like:
  • organic traffic
  • Bounce Rate
  • traffic sources
  • time on site
  • page speed
  • Best Feature: Google Analytics and Google Search Console integration
  • Google Analytics is super powerful on its own.

But when you combine it with Google Search Console?

It is even more powerful.

Linking your GSC account with GA connects you to useful information like the keywords people use to find your website, your organic CTR, and more.


Sitechecker is a real-time cloud-based crawler that focuses on the profound insights of the website. The Technical SEO Audit tool crawl through the technical issues of a website. Also, get a prioritized to-do list that can help you fix the errors.

Sitechecker can find the issues and problems to slow down organic search traffic, get the report, and fix issues. The technical SEO audits can help in branding the reports, fixing issues, and increasing customer retention rate. The SEO specialist can send and receive email notifications about any issues affecting the website traffic.


Ahrefs SEO checker offers ways to improve the SEO of the website, check its performance, and gain organic traffic. Consider Ahrefs Webmaster Tools as the solution to check hundreds of SEO issues, monitor website health, find internal linking opportunities, find organic traffic, check keywords, and gain backlinks.

AWT tool gains traffic from search and helps to improve the performance of website SEO. It represents slow pages, broken links, missing meta descriptions, errors in title tags, duplicate content, dead pages, and large image files. SEO specialists can also schedule SEO checks and track daily, weekly, or monthly performance. The tool also deep-dives into keywords that can help businesses rank on Google.

SEO Tester Online:

The advanced SEO Tester Online is an ideal all-in-one platform to get organic traffic. The SEO Tester Online comes with several SEO tools: position tracking, SEO audit, reporting, competitor analysis, keyword research, content marketing, and lead generation.

The tool can help follow technical SEO, analyze on-page SEO, and simplify SEO workflow. It is to optimize the website in any way possible and reach top ranks containing SEM and SEO features.

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