Think with Google: YouTube Advertising Strategies

 Think with Google: Effective YouTube Advertising Strategies to Build Your Business

How to Create an Effective YouTube Marketing Strategy

Think with Google: There is no doubt that, today, video marketing is one of the most powerful tools to incorporate into our content strategy. More and more brands are including it in their marketing plan, aware of its capabilities and the benefits you are getting. From the appearance of YouTube.
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Start driving traffic, leads, and sales from your YouTube marketing with these basics.

Think with Google: YouTube Advertising Strategies

Videos and photos never stopped gaining followers and engagement. In this article, we'll explain what video marketing is and everything you need to know to implement it as part of your strategy. Read on!

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is the use of videos to promote and publish a product or service.

It helps greatly to increase audience participation in various digital and social channels. But not only that, it also educates the audience and allows us to reach them in a more direct way.

The Need for Speed ​​on the part of users has given a new focus to these platforms with live streaming or live video. With YouTube, it becomes clear that video marketing is the present and future of digital and strategic marketing.

So that we can get an idea of ​​the power of video marketing, I leave you with some interesting data that I extracted:

Advantages of using video marketing

Now that we know exactly what video marketing consists of, let's see the various advantages of applying it:

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A great video, I liked it very much. It is really the basis of building a brand and a successful work on Google. Ariane Le Port, Global Creative Event Leader at Google, explains how to think about creating a human connection with your YouTube ads.

Explaining key effective strategies for communicating with viewers in order to build trust and enhance audience engagement with you.

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At Think with Google, their mission is to educate and inspire the next generation of marketers, advertisers, and creators.

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