Google Digital Tools Think With Google: Grow Business

 Think with Google: an informational power that you can use to grow your online business, to attract, serve and satisfy your customers. Your marketing success.

How to use Think with Google

It can be hard to know where to start. So, let's dive into the ins and outs of Think with Google and discuss how you can use it to take your business to the professional level.

Think With Google: Take Marketing to Another Level.

We analyze Think With Google, the latest market research and digital trends from Google. Data reports, insights, articles, and analysis tools to improve your digital strategy.

Google Digital Tools Think With Google: Grow Business

Let's get to the point: we are talking about completely free tools that Google offers you with which you can expand your knowledge in digital marketing as well as improve search, analysis, and understanding of websites. You are interested, right? Find out what Think With Google can do for you.

What do you think with Google?

Think With Google is the digital platform developed by Google, where you can find the latest news in digital marketing, focusing on research in different sectors and markets, digital strategies or technical tools for website analysis, among many other features.

In short, it is an essential tool whether you are starting out in digital marketing, or if you need training and keep up to date with the latest developments and trends in the sector.

Definition of Think with Google

Think with Google, simply put, can be thought of as a free online think tank powered by data sourced from Google and its analysis.

Google matches this data (which I think we can agree on, is some of the best data in the world) with inspiring thought-leader content, informative articles, AI-powered tools, website analytics tools, and insights from leaders in marketing, privacy, and digital transformation (including AI). ), consumer data, and more.

Which leads to a great result in the development of your business.

  • Think with Google's digital toolkit
  • Digital Marketing Toolkit
  • Grow My Store
  • Market Finder
  • Test My Site
  • Google Trends
  • Google Activate
  • Digital Maturity Benchmark
  • Mobile Web Excellence

Google is more than just a major search engine on the Internet.

It also helps in many other aspects all those people who want to perform various tasks on the network or companies that are looking for the best presence on the Internet.

That's why you should decide to use digital marketing tools with Think with Google, which is responsible for organizing information and turning it into resources that help students, professionals, and anyone else interested in keeping up to date with the latest developments in the digital markets.

n addition, they are all completely free and available to everyone! Marketing, we give you a summary of the most important ones.

  • What is Think with Google

Think With Google is a website developed by Google, where people who are interested in the digital world can keep up to date with the latest news and trends in everything related to digital marketing.

Among the digital marketing tools that we can find on the portal are those that aim to improve brand image, site performance, analytical ability and digital experience. In addition, you can find different marketing strategies and insights that refer to customer needs.

  • Google Digital Marketing Toolkit

The digital marketing toolkit that can be found as part of Think With Google consists of, among others:

Grow My Store:

Grow My Store is the tool that has been created for Google eCommerce optimization. It is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses to seek improvement in different aspects related to their website.

Just by entering the URL of the website you will be able to know a simple and quick analysis to know how to boost your business. In this way, you can obtain personalized studies with a series of recommendations, in addition to generating personalized reports based on keywords.

In its analysis, this Think With Google tool takes into account up to 22 metrics with the most important factors. Valuing those aspects that contribute in a positive way to the user experience within your website.

Market Finder:

Market Finder is one of the digital tools that Google makes available to us, through which we can identify potential markets. In addition to being very useful to find useful information about operations. Thus, you can start selling your products or services to potential customers nationally and internationally.

Its operation is very simple. It is enough to enter the URL of your web page and the categories that correspond to your sector. Although the tool itself defines the business categories based on the information on your website and user searches, it offers you the possibility of modifying the categories before continuing.

In this way, you will be able to know the recommended markets for your website, with data referring to each of them.

Test My Site:

Test My Site is a tool that is intended to know the performance of a website. Both on computers and mobile devices. In addition, it provides a summary with certain aspects related to the speed and personalization of the web. Knowing thus the aspects to improve so that the connection of the users is faster.

To use this utility, one of the most used Google digital marketing tools, you just have to enter the URL of the web. And in a matter of seconds you will know your score. From here you can request a free report.

google trends:

Among Google's digital marketing tools, we must mention Google Trends, one of the best known and most popular. It is a free and open access tool that allows us to compare the search popularity of different words or phrases.

In this way you can know the search level of the keywords during a certain period of time. In addition to discovering the variations in the searches in values based on a scale from 0 to 100. Thus, it is very useful to know, for example, the most searched products in a category or sector, discover new trends demanded by users, etc.

Google Activate:

Google Activate is a study platform that has been conceived to promote digital skills and abilities, especially for work on the internet. In order to enjoy all the training that Google can offer through this tool, you only have to sign up for some of its free online courses. You will need to have a Google account to be able to enjoy all its advantages.

These courses can be completed or taken in modules, while the student can continuously assess their progress. Likewise, thanks to the collaboration of the search engine company with different educational institutions, official certificates are offered. Thus, you have the possibility of acquiring the skills you need, whether to improve your business, start a professional career or simply to try to expand your knowledge.

Digital Maturity Benchmark:

Among Google's digital marketing tools we also find its Digital Maturity Benchmark. A diagnostic tool that has been designed to know the level of development of data-driven marketing that a company has. With which you will discover what you have to do in order to reach your maximum potential and performance.

This tool analyzes different factors to generate a personalized and interactive report. And in addition, it provides the corresponding advice, with a comparison between your company and others in the sector, as well as recommendations on strategies that help improve your presence on the network.

Mobile Web Excellence:

Mobile Web Excellence has been created to learn how some of the world's best brands create mobile experiences that are interactive, fast and intuitive. Google makes available to anyone who wants a series of resources so that you can do it yourself.

You can make different types of queries to obtain information regarding your sector, so that you can quickly find out the scores in different areas of usability and in different countries or continents. Based on this, you can seek excellence in the version of your website for mobile devices.

What do you think of all these digital marketing tools from Think with Google? Did you know that Google offers so many free services to learn and improve our digital businesses? If you have found it interesting and useful, do not hesitate to share the post with someone you think might be interested.

Ensure your online business grows.

Think with Google.

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