Courses Free Google Digital Marketing Basics Marketing

 Google Free Digital Marketing Courses: What and How to Subscribe.

Free digital marketing courses from google

Free online training courses in digital marketing from Google with the possibility of obtaining a Google certificate.

The giant Google company offers free online training courses in various fields that are highly desired in the workplace and with the certificates included, Google Digital Marketing Training Courses, is a good goal to develop your skills and develop your business to reach success.

Courses Free Google Digital Marketing Basics Marketing

Courses Free Google Digital Marketing Basics Marketing

The US giant Google, which recently called up startup companies and entrepreneurs for free training in digital marketing and digital marketing basics, has been promoting professional development for several years through Google Activate, a platform designed to add digital skills.

Free courses from Google: What are they and how to register for digital marketing courses.

This tool allows you to enhance digital skills with free courses with a certificate.

Here is a list of several of the most interesting courses:

  • Free Google Courses: What they are and how to register
Google Activate has courses that are taken online and at no cost, but although the offer is extensive, not all of them are certified.

The digital marketing courses that offer free certification are as follows:

Digitize your business step by step with Google tools

With this course, users will know how to make their business visible on the internet and reach a greater number of customers.

According to Google "if you are thinking of digitizing your small business, this is the perfect time to take the first steps.

In this basic and very practical course you will learn how tools such as Company Profile (former Google My Business), YouTube or Google Forms work. We will accompany you step by step so that your business is visible on the Internet and ensure that your products and services reach more customers".

The training has two modules, lasts 1.5 hours and is suitable for beginners. During the course there are video tutorials, evaluations after finishing each topic and it is unlimited access.

Digital Marketing Basics

The premise of the course promises to make you "a digital marketing expert at a basic level with our free course accredited by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

The 26 modules that make up the course were created by Google instructors and include many practical exercises and real examples that will help you achieve great results."

  • Digital skills for professionals

This course allows you to acquire knowledge in the use of tools, security and communication systems to adapt to current work environments.

It has 7 modules and lasts 40 hours.

According to the description of the course, "you will learn the keys to keeping your operating system updated, techniques for solving problems, some fundamental aspects of security, rules for the correct treatment of information, tools for creating content and managing communication and, finally, skills that will facilitate your work in this new digital environment".

To sign up for free Google courses with a certificate, you must enter through the following link:

Start here: Find your course./The basics of digital marketing from Google.

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Training courses and digital marketing courses skills from Google.

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