Company profile on Google: what it is and how to get it

Company profile on Google: what it is and why it is important to have it.

What is company profile on google.

What is google business profile and how do i use it to grow my business

Benefits you can have with a company profile in Google My Business complete and optimized.

Company profile on Google: what it is and how to get it

Let's imagine this situation: it is an important anniversary and you need to buy a bouquet of flowers. You're going to be home late (it happens) and since your “trusted florist” isn't on her way home, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? Most likely, you pick up your mobile and Google the florist closest to your location.

The first results that you will find highlighted will be the Google Business Profile cards of local florists and you will end up buying flowers in one of them.

This is a simple example to understand the importance of being present in Google My Business for a company, because if this florist had not been registered, you would not have found it so easily... But let's go in order.

What is a Google Business Profile?

The Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) is a free tool that allows small business owners (and nonprofits) to promote their business information on Google Search and Maps.

With Google Business Profile, you can connect with your customers, post updates to your business profile, and see how customers interact with your business on Google.

What is the Google Company Profile?

  • The potential of Google Business for local businesses
  • How to register your business profile on Google
  • How to better manage your Google Business profile to improve your positioning
  • Very important: do not neglect the reviews you receive on Google Business

What is the Google Company Profile?

Google Business Profile, also called business profile on Google, is a Google tool that allows companies to gain visibility in the search engine and on Google Maps, responding directly to the needs of users.

It is a commercial promotion service that allows you to appear on Google when doing a search, with a file that summarizes the main information of your company such as address, hours, website, images, etc.

The main advantage of Google My Business is that it allows you to be found online by users who are physically close to your business and just when they are searching the Internet for the services or products you offer.

Google Business Profile is one of the first and very important steps to find new customers online: a well-structured and organized profile can really make a difference.

The potential of Google Business for local businesses

Google my Business is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized local businesses with physical stores.

In fact, the objective of the platform is to give local visibility to these stores through Google maps. With this in mind, the Google Business company profile becomes an essential tool to get noticed locally.

To attract new customers looking for a product or service in your area, it's important to take good care of your Google Business company profile and populate it with any useful user information. This is of vital importance to "scale" the organic results of the Google algorithm, taking into account that, unlike normal websites, Google Business Profile cards appear, especially from mobile, in the first places of the search results. search.

How to register your business profile on Google

  • The basic requirement to create a profile card is the presence of a Google account.
  • The basic data to include in the form are:
  • Physical address of the company
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Main category – main business area of the company
  • Website – URL for more details
  • Telephone contact

To be competitive and appear in the search results, it is not enough to enter only the basic information, but you must also correctly add the secondary categories, services and products that you offer.

How to better manage your Google Business profile to improve your positioning

The Google My Business algorithm is based on defined positioning factors that, well optimized, allow you to obtain greater visibility.

Positioning factors of the company profile in Google Business
  • Proximity to the store (determined by the algorithm and not tunable)
  • Search Relevance
  • Average score
  • Number of reviews
  • Relevance of reviews with keywords
  • Review Response Rate
  • Average response time to reviews

The relevance of the search is a web positioning factor that can be optimized by correctly managing the information entered in the form. In addition to the main category, which represents the core business of the company, it is also advisable to insert secondary categories that identify the services related to the main activity and serve to give users more information about what the company offers.

It is possible to insert up to a maximum of 9 secondary categories by selecting them from a list provided by Google.

The company attributes must also be configured correctly. The attributes are a series of added values ​​that characterize the activity, which serve to provide users with information about what their experience will be inside the store (for example, if the store has access for the disabled, if there is a bathroom, if the staff wear a mask, etc.)

Very important: do not neglect the reviews you receive on Google Business

Optimizing your business profile on Google also includes managing customer reviews.

Each client who writes a review about your company should obtain, in a short time, a personalized and specific response to the aspects that he comments.

It is also essential to use semantic tricks to insert some keywords in the responses to the reviews. Keywords are, in fact, essential for profile positioning.

Using keywords in responses will help your profile rank for those specific words and appear in relevant searches.

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